‘Modi abused Jafri when he called for help’

Gujarat Massacre

Gujarat Massacre

AHMEDABAD: A key witness in the Gulbarg massacre case has told a special court that chief minister Narendra Modi had abused former MP Ahsan Jafri  when he called him for help on February 28, 2002.

Imtiyaz Saeedkhan Pathan, the first star witness to give testimony, recounted events of that day and said when they asked Jafri why police hadn’t come to their rescue, the former parliamentarian told them that he would call up Modi for help. “When I asked him what Modi said, he said there was no question of help, instead he got abuses,” Pathan told court.

When a mob went on a killing spree at Gulbarg society a day after the Godhra carnage, Jafri, whose home had turned into a refuge, was making frantic phone calls to every one for help.

Sixty-nine people were killed in Gulbarg Society including Jafri, whose body wasn’t found. A young Parsi boy, Azhar Mody, also went missing from his house, the story of which became a Bollywood film Parzania. This film was banned in Gujarat. Pathan described the gruesome killings in detail how his family members and neighbours were butchered and women raped before his eyes.

[Source: Times Of India ]


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