Poison kills fishes

A farmer Chakkera Vasu Kuttappa has lodged a complaint alleging poisoning of his fishes.

He alleged that miscreants have added poison into the waters of his 1.5 acre lake and caused the death of hundreds of fishes. He said that he has incurred a loss of rupees two lakhs and he had left eight thousand fishes into the lake, three years ago and they are all dead now.

Poisoning was done on the night of 17th.

 – Shakthidaily

White OWL seized

Police sleuths have seized a white owl illegally being held by a driver and registered a case. The Mobile police squad raided the house of a driver Raja at Jodubeeti near Gonicoppal yesterday and seized the owl.

According to police, the accused was selling the white owls regularly for a high price to Kerala and other states. The rate of the owl ranges between two to five lakhs they said.

– ShakthiDaily

Chaplin takes audience on tour

Students of the Opportunity Section of Kodagu Vidyalaya staged a brilliant play during their Annual Day celebrations here on Friday.

The audience was “taken around” India along with the protagonist Charlie Chaplin. The play shows him arriving in Mumbai and travelling around the city. Chaplin’s Indian friends take him to a snake charmer.

Two young ones playing wrestlers and fighting for supremacy caught everybody’s attention, with Chaplin enjoying every moment of it. After visits to the north-eastern and eastern regions, Chaplin arrives in Chennai where he is amazed at a puja being offered in a temple. Finally, he makes it to the Omkareshwar temple here at Raja Seat and wonders at the Abbi Falls.

The play ended with the singing of the popular number ‘Jai Ho’ and a pyramid-like formation. The parents of the children were surprised to see them perform so well.

Deputy Commissioner K.H. Ashwatha Narayana Gowda, who inaugurated the celebrations, said it was a different experience for him. He appreciated Meena Cariappa, the spearhead of the Opportunity Section, and her team for their efforts in managing the section without government assistance.

 – The Hindu

Private vehicle owners, drivers stage protest

Private vehicle owners and drivers on Friday staged a demonstration at the Deputy Commissioner’s office here against the order by the Kodagu police that they should convert all private vehicles being used as taxis (with white number plates) to taxis (with yellow number plates), by December 15.

At a press conference a couple of days ago, the association of private vehicle owners and drivers had asked the district administration to give them six months’ time to adhere to the police instructions.

However, Superintendent of Police Manjunath Annigeri, addressing presspersons on Thursday, stated that private vehicles could not be run as taxis. It deprived the RTO of the quarterly tax levied on taxis, he said.

Mr. Subbaiah added that white board vehicles would have already paid lifetime tax to the RTO. However, if vehicles carried excess passengers, it could be dealt with.

DYFI district secretary P.R. Bharat, who addressed the association members, said private vehicles being used as taxis should be allowed to ply as usual as it provided employment to youths.

 -The Hindu

RBI wants banks to reach out to the common man

Banking Ombudsman of the Reserve Bank of India M. Palaniswamy said here on Friday that banking had become more people-friendly now and the RBI wanted all commercial banks to reach out to the common man in the country by bringing them under the banking network.

He was addressing a meeting organised at the Lead Bank — Corporation Bank — here to generate awareness on the functioning of the office of Banking Ombudsman (also Banking Lokpal). Banking Ombudsman would investigate complaints by individuals concerning all national banks with regard to lapses in various services being provided to customers, based on their complaints.

He had received over 3,500 complaints from customers across the country last year. This year he had received 1,500 complaints of which 85 per cent had been redressed to the satisfaction of both parties — banks and the customers, he said.

Aggrieved parties could write complaints on plain paper and send them to the RBI, Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore. The complainants need not visit Bangalore, Mr. Palaniswamy said.

The aggrieved could write to the bank manager and if their complaint was not attended to in 30 days, they could approach the Banking Ombudsman. If some one was not happy with the decision of the ombudsman, such persons could appeal to the RBI Appellate Authority in Mumbai. For higher claims, they could lodge complaints with consumer forums.

Senior officials of Corporation Bank P.V. Narasimha Rao, Jayaram Kamath, Ravishankar, Vijayachandra and the Lead District Manager here, Arunachala Sharma, were present.

 -The Hindu