Eyebrow Shaping Tips for women

Eye Brow Shaping

Simple eyebrow shaping tips that will make the world of difference in putting your best face forward. We cover how to design your brows, to the tools you need, and how to reduce the ouch factor in our top ten do’s and don’ts.

1.    Do decide on the eyebrow shape first

You need a plan of action on deciding where your brows are going to start, end, and where to to place the peak of the arch. Use a white eyeliner or concealer on the hair that you want to remove, so you don’t stray off course.

If you think using eyebrow stencils means you can’t go wrong, you can. They don’t take into account how your brows currently look and your other facial features.

2.    Do use a quality pair of tweezers

Most people opt for tweezers when shaping brows at home. You’ll be frustrated, and end up taking twice as long if your tweezers slide off or break the hair instead of pulling them out- or can’t grab onto short hairs. A good pair of tweezers cost about $20, and worth the small investment.

3.    Do trim brows if needed

Here’s a very important eyebrow shaping tip. A big mistake people make is taking out more hair when trimming the excess length really is what needs to go. For men this helps make the brows look more neat and groomed and for women it helps them acheive that perfectly defined look.

4.    Do clean up top of brows, it’s not a beauty no-no

I remember reading in my teen magazines growing up NEVER to touch the top of the brow. How things have changed. While I’m not suggesting going into the main shape of your brow, experts agree cleaning up the stray hairs above the shape create a more defined, clean eyebrow and can help trouble brows look even with one another.

5.    Do use an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow for correcting

If you have sparse brows, over plucked, or are growing out brows to a fuller look, use feathery strokes of an eyebrow pencil or shadow to fill-in. For medium to dark eyebrows, choose a color a shade lighter than your natural color. If you have light brows opt for a shade closest to or a half shade darker than your natural color.
6.    Don’t stand too close to the mirror when shaping

With some distance from the mirror you will be able to better see to balance your brows and see the ‘whole picture’, and have less chance of making brows uneven. After you have your shape in, you can then get close-up to better reach the finer, lighter hairs.

7.    Don’t put a shape that isn’t flattering to your face

keep in mind that arching your brow doesn’t mean two perfect half circles or arches, which doesn’t complement anyone’s facial features. It does mean to clean up the excess hair to better frame your eyes.

8.    Don’t use ice to numb skin

Cold tightens the pores and can make a firmer hold on the hair follicle. You want to soften skin and hair by using a warm washcloth on brows, or do your shaping after your come out of the shower. If you’re really concerned about the ‘ouch factor’ use a numbing spray first applied to a cotton swab and then to eyebrow area.

9.    Don’t shave eyebrows

I know there are little razors sold out there specifically for your brows. Read why shaving your legs is okay, shaving your eyebrows is not.

10.    Tweeze Correctly

Hold skin taut by gently holding skin firm with your free hand while tweezing, means less tugging and pain on the skin.

If the hair is just too short for tweezing, don’t push the tweezers into the skin. Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if you get a little too forceful with your tweezers. Having some hair is a better option over broken skin. Instead, just wait until the hair is a bit longer and can be easily grabbed on to.

Source:     Article: hairremoval.about.com  Image: Robert Kohlhuber / IStock Photo

Konanur-Virajpet-Makutta road project work to start soon

Madikeri: The State Government has agreed, in principle, to implement the Konanur-Kushalnagar-Virajpet-Makutta inter-State highway road project, involving a cost of Rs. 224.73 crore. The work will be carried out by Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL), covering a stretch of 46.31 km, according to information reaching here on Monday. An action plan has been readied by KRDCL to take up the first stage of the road works, from Konanur to Kushalnagar, covering a stretch of 17.8 km, at a cost of Rs. 48 crore, sources in the Public Works Department, which had sent a proposal to the State Government seeking funds for the project, disclosed here. Madikeri MLA M.P. Appachu Ranjan had taken up the issue with the Public Works Minister and the Chief Engineer to start the project as early as possible.

The Konanur-Kushalnagar stretch would come as a boon to the residents of Torenur and Shirangala villages along the route and those travelling to Kerala. Travellers had been using the stretch for some years now.

Water let into the Left Bank Canal of the Harangi reservoir would flood the paddy fields and flow onto the road that is located at a lower level compared to the paddy fields.

Asphalting the roads every year had not helped maintain the road due to consistent flooding as also monsoon. The proposal was sent by the Public Works Department here a couple of years ago, but none had pursued it in earnest.

This road would connect the Makutta road, being laid at a cost of Rs. 28 crore, the sources said. Makutta road is a vital road link between Karnataka and Kerala. The Karnataka High Court had set a deadline asking the Public Works Department, which is taking up the project, to complete it by December 31, 2009. However, the Public Works Department is likely to seek some more time.

-The Hindu

Scientists from abroad to speak on astronomy

Madikeri: International Intra-disciplinary Conference on the Frontiers of Astronomy, IICFA 2009, will be held at Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa College here from December 28 to 30.

Convenor of the conference and Head, Department of Physics at the college N. Jagannatha told presspersons here on Saturday that the conference was being held in Madikeri for the first time. It was aimed at encouraging dissemination of scientific knowledge, techniques and processes and create awareness on the solar system and universe itself.

The year 2009 was being celebrated around the world as International Year of Astronomy and the conference would also coincide with the quadricentennial of the use of telescope invented by Galileo, he said.

The conference will see the participation of scientists and researchers working in diverse areas of astronomy and astrophysics. Scientists from eight countries in the world have confirmed their participation. As many as 13 speakers have been invited to present lectures. The conference will provide a platform to young researchers to present scientific papers. The conference will form a synthesis of ideas and methods prevalent in various fields of astronomy and later publish it online.

Principal of the college Pushpa Kuttanna said the college had organised the conference to mark its diamond jubilee year. Invited speakers included Vinay Kashyap, Jagdish Moodera, Geeta Berera, all from the U.S., V.L. Kauts from Russia, Bonita De Swardt from South Africa and Satoshi Mayama from Japan.

Four of the invited speakers are from the top 10 universities in the world, Ms. Kuttanna added.

On December 28, Chandrayaan, the sun and the galaxy will be discussion. Instrumentation and astronomy will come up for discussion on December 29. The last day’s topics include numerical methods, cosmology, compact objects, popular astronomy and sky gazing.

Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Science and Technology, Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Mangalore University and several non-governmental and private organisations have joined hands with the college to organise the conference.

P.D. Devamma, Syndicate member of Mangalore University, said the conference will enable selected students from the college to interact with the scientists of international repute.

K.P. Nagaraj from the Department of Physics and librarian O. Maranna were present.

-The Hindu