Popular Front of India seeks action against Sangh Parivar

Office-bearers of the Popular Front of India (PFI), Kodagu unit, on Thursday, alleged that members of the RSS were harassing the PFI cadres in Kodagu in the wake of the news reports that Nazir, a terror accused, had stayed at Hosathota near Madapur in the district. Nazir was arrested by the police recently in connection with the bomb blasts in Bangalore last year.

Nazir had stayed at Hosathota near Madapur in Somwarpet taluk of Kodagu in the garb of a ginger cultivator since 2006 till his disappearance last year.

Speaking to presspersons, the president of the Kodagu unit of the PFI, T.H. Aboobaker, denied that the PFI had any link with Nazir or his sympthisers during his stay at Hosathota. Allegations hurled against the PFI by the Sangh Parivar were baseless and far from truth.

Mr. Aboobaker disclosed that Nazir had rented a house next to the place where the RSS activities were being held regularly at Hosathota. Dinesh, a resident of Hosathota, had lodged a complaint at the Madapur outpost on the suspicious movements of Nazir, but the police after making superficial inquiries, did not pursue the case. The police had slackened the case at the behest of a powerful politician, Mr. Aboobaker alleged.

He demanded an inquiry into the events leading to the police slackening the case against Nazir. Madikeri MLA M.P. Appachu Ranjan’s residence was not too far from where Nazir had stayed for over two years and Mr. Ranjan must have had knowledge of Nazir’s presence, if not as a terrorist, Mr. Aboobaker said.

Nazir had taken land belonging to Udaya Kumar for ginger cultivation and the land was located close to the road leading to Mr. Ranjan’s house, he said.

The PFI demanded that the State Government take all steps to investigate the connections of Nazir with the locals at Hosathota and deal with anti-national elements.

The PFI would not tolerate anti-national activities at any cost, Mr. Aboobaker said.

At a protest organised by pro-Hindu organisations here on Wednesday, a person from Suratkal, who was wanted in several murder cases, too had taken part which was a dangerous trend, Mr. Aboobaker alleged.

Sanaulla and Mustafa, PFI members, were present.

– The Hindu

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