Risk on the rise as home stays mushroom in Kodagu

Kodagu is not only the land of warriors but also known for its hospitality. Several home stays have come up in the district giving a competition to the resorts. Even small houses have been repaired and converted into home stays. 

 The home stay where  Shankar was killed.  dh photo
As a result, the government employees who get transferred to Kodagu find difficulty in getting a house for rent.

Owing to the shortage of lodges, home stays have attracted the tourists in the district. Within few years, several home stays have mushroomed in the district amidst coffee estates, extensions and so on. However, the home stay owners should be cautious of the tourists who come from outside. In the backdrop of the murder of a home stay owner Shankar at Mekeri, there is a need to review the home stays. As the tourism grew, the number of visitors visiting Kodagu also doubled.

Police have been urging the home stay owners to maintain a register to give complete details of the tourists including name, address, telephone number and vehicle number.

However, nobody knows whether the home stay owners follow the rules strictly. The home stay owners should stop giving rooms to outsiders without knowing the background. Police can not check all the tourists who come to the district. However, home stay owners can keep an eye on their visit.


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