‘Don’t waste water from Chiklihole dam’

Zilla Panchayat member V P Shashidhar urged the officials of the Cauvery Irrigation Corporation to stop unnecessary release of water from the Chiklihole dam.
“Though there is no demand for water from the farmers of Chiklihole irrigation area, water is being released from the dam unnecessarily for the past 15 days,” he stated in a press conference here on Sunday.“When the farmers were demanding release of water for paddy cultivation, the officials did not take steps and now when there is no demand, they are releasing water. The water is simply flowing to the river Cauvery,” he said.

“The Chiklihole dam is an unwanted child both for the government and for the Cauvery Irrigation Corporation. It has become a ‘kamadhenu’ for only a few contractors. No useful programmes have been implemented for the farmers so far,” Shashidhar alleged.

He also alleged that the officials are irresponsible and lack a foresight. They have even failed to de-silt the canals and maintain them, he added.

The Nanjarayapattana and Guddehosuru Gram Sabhas have already urged the Corporation to stop releasing water but there has been no action, he noted.

The ZP member said if the unnecessary flow of water is not checked immediately, intense protests will be organised.

Town Panchayat member V N Mahesh and Mohammed Razaq were present at the press meet.


To know more about Chiklihole dam please click here

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