CMC to produce compost manure from waste

The CMC is trying its level best to make Madikeri town plastic-free town. Though the initiative was started five years ago, it is gaining momentum now. Owing to the stringent measures undertaken by the CMC, businessmen have stopped using plastic bags. Citizens have realised that plastic is non-degradable.

Owing to the continuous use of plastic, compost could not be produced by the CMC. About 14 tonne wastes from the town is disposed in six acre land near Stone Hill daily.

The CMC could have manufactured compost from such a huge wastes. The CMC can even fetch lakhs of income from the manure. However, as the wastes was not segregated and plastic was the main component in the wastes, the production of compost was getting delayed all these years.

Now the CMC has decided to utilise a technology to segregate plastic from the wastes. The CMC has purchased a machine worth Rs 1.85 lakh to segregate plastic from wastes.

The machine can segregate three tonne plastic per one hour. About 65 per cent of segregated wastes can be used for producing manure. To store the plastics segregated from the wastes, a godown has been constructed near Stone Hill.

The machine will be put to use as soon we get electricity connection, said CMC President P D Ponnappa.

He said “CMC is planning to hand over the responsibility of producing compost to Sthree Shakthi Sangha or NGO. With the manufacture of compost, CMC can fetch lakhs of income.

Yet to implement

Though the use of plastic is banned by CMC, it has not been implemented strictly in the town, according to public. Many hotels still use plastics. Law can not alone bring in change. Merchants and public should join hands with CMC in implementing the ban on plastic.