‘Take Kodava culture to its peak again’

”Kodavas are rich in folklores and the same has been accepted by the scholars. There is a need to take Kodava culture to its peak once again,” said Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy former president Bachariyanda P Appanna. 

Speaking after inaugurating Kodava Sahithya Samskrithika Mela organised by Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy and Ponnampet Kodava Samaja here on Friday, he said “Kodava literature, culture and folklores should be preserved for generations to come.

The Kodava language which has 2000 years of history. Unfortunately owing to beuracracy, the language has remained only as a spoken language.” 

“There is a need to conduct research into Kodava culture, folkores and literature. Kodava culture is on the verge of disappearance in the recent years. From 1855, people started aping British. Between 1928 and 1935, Kodava language and culture began to change,” he added.

Kodava Sahithya Academy President Rani Machaiah, Registrar Vinodchandra and others were present. ‘Bolakat,’ ‘Kolata,’ ‘Kathiyata,’ ‘Ummathat,’ ‘Urtikott aat,’’Valagathat,’ ‘Siddiyat,’ Kappeyat,’ ‘Pareyakali’ and other cultural programmes were staged on the occasion.


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CNC plans rally on March 21 in Gonikoppa

CNC will stage a rally demanding the announcement of Kodava land comprising 45 Kodava Naadu on March 21 at Cauvery College Maidan in Gonikoppa.

N.U. Nachappa, secretary general of the CNC

Addressing a press meet on Friday, CNC President N U Nachappa said Kodava land should be announcved on the lines of Goorkha land of Darjeeling. As per Article 370 and 371 of Constitution, special status should be given to Kodava land.

The Kodavas should be considered as minority tribal community members under Article 340 and 342 and must be provided reservation in education and employment, he added. Nachappa said Kodava language should be included in the eighth schedule of the constitution. A separate University should be started from Kodavas on the lines of Banaras Hindu University, Nalanda and Thakshashila University.

The CNC expressed opposition to the proposed railway connectivity to Kodagu as it will destroy forest and coffee estates. Instead of providing railway connectivity, the government should provide proper road connectivity to Soorlabbi, Garvale. 


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Kushalnagar celebrates ‘Honnaru’

Villages were embellished with rangoli and other ‘thorana’ and the people exchanged ‘Bevu-Bella’ (neem leaves and jaggery-symbolic of bad and good) on the day. Farmers not only bathed their cattle but also embellished them with flowers, sandalwood paste etc and offered prayers as cattle are the backbone of agriculture.

The cattle were later fed with special dishes which are prepared in the households for the festival. In Thorenoor, people gathered at Basaveshwara temple and offered community prayer to the cattle, thereby initiating ‘Honnaru’ (golden ploughing).

Dressed in traditional Kodava wear, farmer De Lakshmappa initiated the Honnaru ploughing and he was followed by rest of the farmers. The significance of ‘Honnaru’ is that the farmers come together to pray for good, favourable rains so that entire land prospers. Honnaru Utsav Committee President T D Eshwar, Secretary T A Ramachandra and others were present.

Honnaru utsav is being celebrated in Shirangala, Thorenoor, Manajuru, Hebbale, Kudige, Kudluru, Kudumangalur, Huluse, Bhuvanagiri villages in North Kodagu since time immemorial. No matter how strong the influence of modernisation be, people are still following these traditions without fail, which is the indication that our cultural hold on our minds is stronger than our inclination to modernisation.


Kodagu does not need railway project: Former MP

Coming down heavily on the survey of the proposed Mysore-Kushalnagar-Madikeri and Mysore-Madikeri-Mangalore railway line in the railway budget, Rajya Sabha former member F M Khan said ‘Kodagu does not want railway project.’

Rajya Sabha former member F M Khan looking at the flowers arranged in Balyatri estate in Boikere on Friday.

Speaking to presspersons on the eve of the two-day flower show to be organised at Balyatri estate in Boikere on March 13, he said “the railway connectivity will harm environment. On the one hand forest will be destroyed and on the other hand, private estates will be destroyed. In this regard, through media, I am pressurising the party and the Centre not to go for railway connectivity to Kodagu.”

“Kodagu is considered as the Switzerland of India. However, we are forgetting. For the construction of National Highways, trees are felled. We are allowing the installation of mobile towers. The tree owners have not been given compensation for felling the trees. I had collected the details in this regard through RTI Act. Once I get the details, I will fight for the cause of the people,” Khan informed.

By allowing the construction of resorts amidst forest, concrete jungles have raised its head in forest. The destruction of environment is affecting the climate, he added.
Khan said “the movement of heavy vehicles should be banned in Kodagu roads. By allowing the plying of light vehicles, roads will last longer.”

Water scarcity

 On shortage of drinking water during summer, he said: “By effectively using natural water bodies, Kodagu will not face shortage of water. However, there is lack of farsightedness among our politicians.”

He urged the government to announce Rs 5 lakh award to those scientists who find solution to Bili Kanda koraka affecting coffee.

On allotting land to Lakshmi Mittal for undertaking mining in Bandipura forest land, Khan said “no laws are applicable to millionaires. Public should come forward to fight.”


Intended ‘pub attack’ averted by Police

Mangalore: What could well have turned out into another ‘pub attack’, was averted by the timely intervention of police.  

In a famous international hotel near Bendoorwell’s Colaco hospital, more than 200 students  were partying and were all set to hit the dance floor. Members of a right wing Hindu outfit, on intimation of the happenings, were even gearing up to ‘attack’ the party as per the reports.  

 However, leaders of the very outfit, informed the Kadri police who immediately reached the hotel and  stopped the dance programme and offered protection.

 The programme was said to be a Kodagu students’ get-together. Their programme did not involve any obscene or immodest activity, said the hotel manager. 


Devt works at Mallalli falls in full swing

Mallalli Falls, Coorg

Developmental works around Mallalli falls, near Somwarpet is going on at fast pace with the aim of attracting more tourists. Even before the works could be completed, the number of tourists thronging to see this pristine fall has doubled. 

 Flowing at Pushpagiri hills near Somwarpet, Department of Tourism, provided Rs 10 lakh for development of the same and Department of Public Works has started various developmental works.

 Nearly half a kilometre of road has been widened and made motorable .  The works of laying steps till the tip of the hill is going on in full swing.  There are plans to lay 250 steps, of which 140 steps have already been laid.
The works are getting delayed in difficult terrain where the slopes are very steep because carrying construction materials there is a Herculean task. 

However, PWD is very specific about the quality of the works. It is said that the department will need additional funds for the works. PWD has made a plan of Rs 95 lakh comprising of road development for 3.5 kms, viewers’ gallery to spot the fall, railings on one side of the steps, parking slots etc.

Bettadalli GP President K N Shivanna says that they have plans to collect nominal parking fees from the vehicles and utilise the same money for further development of the region.

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Photo from CoorgCreek.com

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