Kodava family hockey tourney from today

Having created waves in the previous years, the annual Kodava family hockey tournament promises a bigger show this time around when the 14th edition kicks off at Ponnampet on April 18.
‘Maneyapanda 20-10’ will be held at Ponnampet Government PU College maidan.

The main maidan for the hockey utsav has been decked. The main entrance gate of PU College has been decorated. Flex banners and advertisements are seen in and around the maidan. A stage has been erected in the mini stadium. On the right side, seating arrang ements have been made to accommodate 3,000 VIPs. The work on steel gallery has been completed. Steel gallery can accommodate 12,000 spectators at a time. The work on cleaning the chairs were seen at VIP gallery and stage on Saturday. Several stalls have come up near the entrance gate. The work on the construction of state of the art stalls are in final stage.

Two maidans have been set for the Maneyapanda 20-10 hockey utsav. The matches will commence from 9.30 am on Sunday, said Utsav committee office-bearers M C Belliappa and M M Ganapathy. Six matches will be played.

In the afternoon, Union Minister of Sports M S Gill and Lieutenant General Chengappa will inaugurate the tournament. There will be a special march fast by 4 members each from 214 teams which have registered for the utsav. There will be match between Indian hockey team and Kodagu 11 on the occasion.

-Deccan Herald

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Road-widening: residents seek time & compensation in Sunticoppa

Madikeri: Residents of Sunticoppa town, 15 km from here, sought more time to part with their land for road-widening, as part of the KushalnagarSunticoppaMadikeri stretch being developed by the Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL).

The Sunticoppa stretch is part of the Mysore-KushalnagarMadikeri-Bantwal road.

M.A. Vasant, who heads the “Heddari Virodi Samiti”, said in an informal chat with presspersons here on Thursday that the KRDCL announced on Wednesday that houses and shops which had cut into the boundaries marked by the Public Works Department earlier for widening, would have to be vacated before April 20.

This had come as a shock to the residents, Mr. Vasant added.

As many as 163 residents in Sunticoppa town would lose a part of their property to road-widening, he said.


The district administration should consider providing compensation to the affected people, Mr. Vasant said.

The samiti was also exploring legal options, he added.

Some residents expressed fear that the road in Sunticoppa would be widened by 40 m.

However, a source in the Public Works Department told The Hindu that the road would be widened by 18 m along the Sunticoppa stretch.

Fears of the residents were unfounded as boundary stones were fixed after measuring the width of the road for widening nearly seven years ago, the source said.

KRDCL would not require any land beyond the boundary stones and the question of paying compensation would not arise, the source added.

-The Hindu

Hockey players put up with meagre facilities at hostel

Madikeri: Ignace Tirkey has played his heart out in many a hockey match for India. Tirkey, who is playing for Army Red in the Super Division Hockey League matches here, had to sleep on the floor for four days at the old Sports Authority of India (SAI) hostel at the District Stadium here since April 12, until his “luck” changed on Friday.

Winner of many awards, including the Padma Shri, Tirkey had to put up with the meagre facilities at the hostel. Not many knew who Tirkey was.

If he had been a cricketer he would have been mobbed by crowds for autographs, said Uthappa, who plays for Army Green and is staying in the same hostel.

Wait for water tanker 

Tirkey, like Uthappa (who hails from Kolakeri near Napoklu), had to wait for the water tanker to arrive in the morning every day to take bath.

 Kuimanda Kiran, one of the umpires officiating in the Super Division League, alerted Siddu Chowshetti, owner of a private hotel here, about the plight of Tirkey and also of Sunil Ekka, another Indian international playing for the Army Red. Mr. Chowshetti invited Tirkey and Ekka to stay in his hotel for free, near the Raja Seat Gardens.

 “I hope other players too get similar treatment from the organisers,” said Malettira Srinivas, another umpire officiating in the matches.

 “Give the players better accommodation and food during tournaments and it will result in better performance from them,” Tirkey told The Hindu while watching the match being played between Fortis and the Army Green on Friday. “All my other friends (players) too should have got better accommodation and food,” he added.


 However, these days facilities are definitely better than what they used to be, said Tirkey, who is nursing a knee injury. “I hope to get back into the Indian team soon,” he added.

Jeevan Chinnappa

 -The Hindu

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Dog sterilisation camp begins

Madikeri: A 10-day, free birth control and anti-rabies immunisation camp for stray dogs began here on Saturday. The camp is organised by the Animal Relief Coorg (ARC), an animal welfare organisation, in association with the City Municipal Council (CMC).

Advanced CNVR method — catch, neuter, vaccinate and release — is being deployed by a team of four veterinary doctors who perform “key-hole” surgeries on dogs. A team of trained dog catchers has arrived from Mysore to catch stray dogs and take them to the CMC school next to Shanti Church, the field camp’s venue.

The animal birth control method is an effective and humane way to control stray dog population and recommended by the World Health Organisation, said ARC president Leila Alvares.

Vinay More, project coordinator, told presspersons at the camp that killing or relocating stray dogs would not help reduce their population — it would keep multiplying. Besides, relocating dogs would lead to fights, which might increase the risk of dog bites for people.

The first one hour of the camp everyday is reserved for pet dogs, but few turned up on Saturday with their dogs. Dog owners would have to pay Rs. 750 per dog for the surgery.

Mr. More said they plan to sterilise at least 400 dogs at the camp.

Each surgery cost Rs. 515, he said. CMC president P.D. Ponnappa said the CMC would pay Rs. 445 per dog. The remaining amount, besides expenses of transportation, would be borne by ARC.

-The Hindu