Road-widening: residents seek time & compensation in Sunticoppa

Madikeri: Residents of Sunticoppa town, 15 km from here, sought more time to part with their land for road-widening, as part of the KushalnagarSunticoppaMadikeri stretch being developed by the Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL).

The Sunticoppa stretch is part of the Mysore-KushalnagarMadikeri-Bantwal road.

M.A. Vasant, who heads the “Heddari Virodi Samiti”, said in an informal chat with presspersons here on Thursday that the KRDCL announced on Wednesday that houses and shops which had cut into the boundaries marked by the Public Works Department earlier for widening, would have to be vacated before April 20.

This had come as a shock to the residents, Mr. Vasant added.

As many as 163 residents in Sunticoppa town would lose a part of their property to road-widening, he said.


The district administration should consider providing compensation to the affected people, Mr. Vasant said.

The samiti was also exploring legal options, he added.

Some residents expressed fear that the road in Sunticoppa would be widened by 40 m.

However, a source in the Public Works Department told The Hindu that the road would be widened by 18 m along the Sunticoppa stretch.

Fears of the residents were unfounded as boundary stones were fixed after measuring the width of the road for widening nearly seven years ago, the source said.

KRDCL would not require any land beyond the boundary stones and the question of paying compensation would not arise, the source added.

-The Hindu

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