Dubai: Kodagu – DK Gowda Samaja Celebrates Huttari Festival

The families of members of the Gowda Samaja of Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada districts recently gathered at the Seamen’s Club in the city to celebrate New Year and the Huttari festival.

The programme was organized by Kodagu and Daskhina Kannada Gowda Samaja in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Community members in the UAE participated in this whole day of happy moments. The entertainment programme and sports events were held outside the club and saw the enthusiastic participation of children and the youth.

The music of Valaga at the programme encouraged the youth and children. The gathering spent time at the club as they might have if the event was organized at their native place.

At the end of the day, the winners of the sports events were honoured with prizes. The entertainment and sports events were arranged by an event manager from Bangalore.

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Rs. 20 lakh is released by state Govt. for the construction of “Shadi mahals” in 8 mosques in Kodagu. Usman Haji,the Kodagu district wakf committee president announced this here.Murnad, Ammathi, Gudugalale, Somwarpet, perumbadi, Emmemadu, kunjila and Majid A.Adam mosque in Virajpet will get the sanctioned amount for the construction of “Shadi mahals” (Marriage halls).

Usman haji disclosed that the BJP Govt. has released Rs. 200 crore for Karnataka wakf board for the implementation of various projects. He compared the release during congress rule and said BJP Govt. has the prestige of highest sanctions for minority development in the state.

126 mosques,94 madrasas,6 idgaas,26 Khabarsthans (grave yards),3 destitute homes,19 dargas in Kodagu will be provided financial assistance by the Govt. The religious heads of mosques will get salary from the govt. Usman explained.