‘Give Kodavas right to self-determination’


The Codava National Council (CNC), which submitted a memorandum to the Kodagu district in-charge Minister, C.H. Vijayashankar here on Wednesday, demanded a full-fledged Kodava autonomous region, encompassing 45 ancient traditional Codava Naads (Nad is a group of villages) in India. CNC president N.U. Nachappa submitted the memorandum at the Fort here.

Autonomy would give the Kodavas the right to internal self-determination, which was the right of the Kodava people to decide their own political destiny. Effective arrangements should be made to safeguard the interest of minority, the Kodava ethno-linguistic nationality living outside Kodagu as well, Mr. Nachappa said.

According ethno-linguistic tribal minority to Kodavas under Article 340 and 342 of the Constitution, extending reservation facilities in the field of education, employment and financial on the lines of other tribal communities, providing special guarantee for our land tenure and ensuring customary personal laws under article 370 and 371 of the Constitution should be considered, Mr. Nachappa said.

The Government must facilitate CNC to establish Central University for World “Codavalogy.”

The Kodava language should be included in the Schedule VIII of the Constitution and implemented as one of the administrative languages under Article 350B of the Constitution on par with the Konkani language, he said.

Memorandums were addressed to the President, the Prime Minister, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Secretary-General of the Amnesty International.

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Madikeri to get ‘horti-clinic’

Republic day celebration in Madikeri

A sum of Rs 14.31 lakh has been earmarked for setting up of ‘horti- clinic’—a horticulture info and help desk in Madikeri to provide information, suggestion and help to farmers in horticulture development, said District-in-Charge Minister C H Vijayashankar.

Delivering the Republic Day address after hoisting the tri-colour flag at Republic Day celebration at Fort premises in Madikeri on Wednesday, he said horti cilinic will provide information on horticulture development, creation of ornamental parks, technical hand book and CD. It will also provide information on the protection of horticulture crops and its market.

A sum of Rs 315.94 lakh was earmarked for Kodagu during 2010-11 under National Horticulture Mission. Of which, Rs 162 lakh has been utilised. Special emphasis are given for the rejuvenation of orange, pepper, extension of banana plantation and anthurium plantations, he added. The minister said that a programme to provide a compensation of Rs one lakh for the death of farmers due to snake bite or fire accidents is getting ready. A sum of Rs 10,000 will be given to the farmers if hay gets damaged due to accidental fire.

Remembering those who have toiled hard for the sovereignty and integrity of the country, he said the Constitution has given opportunity for every citizen to practice the religion of his choice, equality, and right to speech.

“Inspite of diversity in culture, tradition, caste and practice, the country is marching the path of development. We need to remember the sacrifice of the great leaders who were responsible for building the country. Legislature, Judiaciary, Executive and Press are the four pillars of democracy. If one pillar becomes weak, then the democracy may collapse,” he added.

MLC M C Nanaiah, CMC President H M Nandakumar, ZP CEO N Krishnappa, Additional DC K M Chandre Gowda, SP Manjunath Annigeri and others were present.


KDCC president gets grand welcome

Biddatanda T. Pradeep, newly elected president of the Kodagu District Congress Committee (KDCC), said on Wednesday that he would strive to restore the previous glory of the party in Kodagu by rejuvenating it in the villages.

He was speaking to presspersons informally after being given a rousing welcome by the Congress workers on his arrival from Bangalore at the General K.S. Thimayya Circle here. Refurbishing the image of the Congress with the involvement of youth was his priority and he would do it with the advice of the senior leaders of the party, he said.

The BJP did not have leaders in its ranks. This was the reason why it was “snatching” Congress leaders to meet their aspirations in Kodagu, Mr. Pradeep said. He was referring to the defection of H.M. Nanda Kumar of the Congress to the BJP to secure presidency of the Madikeri City Municipal Council (CMC) here a few days ago. The BJP had resorted to such tactics in the Kodagu Zilla Panchayat as well, he said.

He was accorded a grand reception by the Congress workers when he arrived at Koppa gate, near Kushalnagar and again at Sunticoppa in the morning.

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‘Submit master plan for Madikeri’

Director of Town Planning S B Honnur has directed Madikeri Urban Development Authority (MUDA) Commissioner to submit the master plan for Madikeri local planning area to the government by February end and get temporary approval from the government. 

 In fact, the last master plan was okayed by the government 13 years ago. In this background, there is a need to take temporary approval from the government for the master plan. The master plan should have been finalsed in the MUDA meeting before submitting it to the government. Urban Development Department Secretary has fixed time bound for the preparation of master plan for the city.

Accordingly, the master plan needs to be approved by the MUDA before submitting it to the government for temporary approval by February end. If the authorities fail to submit the master plan to the government, then the Commissioner will be held responsible and action will be initiated against him by the government, said an order issued by the Director of Town and Country Planning dated January 20.

The MUDA has prepared a master plan for an estimated 50,000 population in the local planning area by 2021. Unfortunately, the Authority has not conevened meetings to get approval for the master plan. The last meeting of the Authority was held on May 7, 2010. Meanwhile, MP and MLAs are not showing keen interest in attending the meeting. The government must have nominated four members to the Authority. Hence, the Master plan could not get approval from the authority.

The master plan needs to be discussed in the MUDA meeting. Later, it should be submitted to the government for approval. The MUDA has prepared master plan last August itself, but could not get approved in the MUDA meeting.

Amidst all the lacunae, the MUDA could not undertake any new housing projects. Moreover, several files are pending before the MUDA with regard to land conversion. Inspite of disposing all the files, new residential projects can not be undertaken, said sources in MUDA.

At the same time, the elected representatives are urging the MUDA not to give scope for land conversion for resorts and home stay to come up in the city. Madikeri is a small town. There is no land available for the creation of residential extension. Even after levelling the hillocks to create sites, the public find it difficult to purchase. In this background, the activities of MUDA has come to a standstill. In fact, even the Minister for Urban Development Suresh Kumar had said that the government is thinking of closing down MUDA in Madikeri few months ago.


Policy for curbing wildlife menace soon

A comprehensive policy on curbing the wildlife menace, protecting the lives of farmers living in the forest fringes in the State and the issue of payment of compensation for crop loss, will be out in a day or two, Forest and Kodagu in-charge Minister C.H. Vijayashankar said here on Wednesday.

He told presspersons that the proposal submitted by the Forest Department had been cleared by the Department of Finance and was awaiting Chief Minister’s approval, he said.

He had received a proposal seeking Rs. 131 crore from the Forest Department in Kodagu district to take steps to contain the menace of wild elephants, he said.

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Environmentalists slam planters’ body

Environmentalists on Tuesday expressed displeasure against the comments of certain members of the Kodagu (Coffee) Growers’ Federation which recently said that greens should not operate in Kodagu unless they were cleared by the Government.

Col. C.P. Muthanna (retired) of the Kodagu Model Forest Trust (KMFT) told presspersons here that environmentalists need not obtain permission from any one to protect Kodagu’s environment. The members of the federation, who had spoken harshly about environmentalists, did not exist when the people ranged against the decision to build a dam across the Barapole river nor did raise their voice against the drawing of the 400 kV double-circuit power line from Kaiga to Kerala via Kodagu, he said.

The non-governmental oragnisations would welcome probe into the organisations that received foreign funds as demanded by members of the federation. In fact, he had written to Speaker K.G. Bopaiah (Mr. Bopaiah was then Deputy Speaker) last year to order a probe into the foreign funds issue covering the dubious NGOs.

But nothing happened afterwards, Col. Muthanna said. Col. Appaiah said that there were plans to run a National Highway through Kodagu in which case a majority of the towns in southern parts of Kodagu would vanish.

Col. Muthanna said the demands of the members of the federation who had demanded railway line to Kodagu asked them whether they had any knowledge of the loss of trees, houses, and plantations in the district.

On the Unesco move to accord World Heritage Site tag covering the Western Ghats, he said it was proposed by the Government and not NGOs

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