Plea to take action against cop

The new ZP member M S Venkatesh has urged the senior police officers to take action against a police personnel of Siddhapur police station who has tried to harm the law and order situation in Nellihudikeri and Siddhapur region.

Speaking with the media persons here on Friday, Venkatesh said that the signatures of public have been collected against the police personnel through signature campaign. The request will be submitted to the police authorities and a time frame of one month will be given to take action against the offender.

“Nellihudikeri and Siddhapur regions were almost peaceful for quite a long time. But off late various anti-social elements are troubling the peaceful atmosphere in the region. Incidents like pelting stones on Masjid, attacking the church, tearing the temple flex have made the people in the region to suspect each other,” he complained.

He said that no investigation has been made on this line so far. “As per the available information, we have understood that a police personnel from Siddhapur station is instigating the people and creating nuisance in the society. He has close connection with few organisations in the region. His act has made the public to suspect the police too,” informed Venkatesh.



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