Arabica coffee price reaches all time high

The price of Arabica coffee has been increased to Rs 10,000 for 50 kg for the first time in the history of coffee market.
ABC Coffee Marketing Agency had announced Rs 9,900 for Arabica coffee bags of 50 kg. Meanwhile, the coffee was sold for Rs 10,100 in the open market. The price of Arabica coffee had earlier touched the Rs 8,000 mark in 1995 – 96.

The price of coffee per bag has been increased by 254 cents in the US. Following this, dealers are in much expectations that growers will sell coffee in large quantity. However, growers too are expecting further increase in the price.

“Many growers had asked us to inform when the price touches Rs 10,000 mark. We called many growers to inform the increased rate. However, growers did not come to sell coffee even at Rs 10,000 per bag and are waiting to see further boost in the price,” said N Shivakumar of S R Coffee Traders.


The production of Arabica coffee has been reduced by 30 per cent in Columbia, which is the largest producer of Washed Arabica coffee in the world. The production has been reduced by 11 million bags in Brazil. Similarly, the production has been reduced drastically in America too. Experts opine that the rate of coffee will increase further due to the reduction in the production in foreign nations.

Due to the untimely rains during the flowering season, the production of Arabica also had decreased in India.

Karnataka Growers Federation President Dr N K Pradeep says that the bumper price will not make any difference among farmers as the cost of production including labour charge had increased considerably.

Karnataka Planters Association President Sahadev Balakrishna said that crop loss in coffee growing nations in the world led to increase in the price of coffee in India.  When contacted, an official of a coffee trading agency in Italy warned the growers that it will not be a good decision to wait for further increase in the price.

“The price of coffee had increased because of the commodity trading. Hence, the growers should think of selling the coffee at the right time,” official advised