Pepper separating machine a boon for farmers

It is a pepper season in Kodagu. Most of the farmers are engaged in harvesting pepper and separating from its bunches. Majority of the growers grow pepper as mixed crop along with other main crops in Kodagu.

In the recent years, owing to the shortage of labourers, the growers are finding it difficult to harvest and separate pepper from its bunches. To reduce the work, few farmers have developed machine to reduce their work.

A farmer Mahabaleshwar Bhat from Kodapadavu in Vittal of Dakshina Kannada has invented a machine that simplifies the task of separating pepper from peppercorns. The machine runs on electric power. The machine is fitted with half Hp to 3 Hp motor.

There is a rotator inside the machine, which is fitted with a belt from the motor. The pepper bunches are put into a funnel-like structure. Once the rotator turns, pepper is separated from its bunches. The machines are available in various models. Some machines can separate one quintal pepper from its bunches in one hour. There are others which can separate six to seven quintal pepper. Several farmers in Kodagu have started showing interest in the purchase of the machine.

Ravindra of Napoklu has purchased this machine. He says “it is a best suitable for separating pepper from its bunches. It works out with less strain. It is better, if one uses this machine after keeping pepper for a day after its harvest.”

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Deer skin seized and the accused arrested

In an operation conducted by the policemen of the special mobile forest squad in Kushalnagar in Kodagu district, two deer pelts were recovered worth about three lakhs, and the smuggler was arrested.

The accused has been identified as B Kishore Kumar (40), son of Harasinaguppe Siddalingapura in Somwarpet. The policemen conducted the raid, on being tipped off that he was bringing deer pelts to Kushalnagar bus stand for sale. The Maruti car he used to bring the pelts, was also confiscated.

The operation was guided by the superintendent of police, Madikeri forest squad, Narayan Gowda, while police sub-inspector, Navinchandra Jogi, and other personnel participated in the operation.


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Age-old laws get democratic burial

Archaic laws have no place in modern democracy. The message was clear when the legislative assembly axed all such laws framed by maharajas, colonial masters and Nizams in their regions like Belgaum, Coorg, Gulbarga, Mangalore-Kollegal and Mysore.

The assembly on Wednesday approved the Karnataka Repealing and Amending (Regional Laws) Bill, 2009, which means as many as 539 Acts that are redundant, have been repealed.

Indian Lunacy Act in Mumbai-Karnatak region, Eunuchs Act and Honorary Mir Mohallas Act in Hyderabad-Karnatak region, Aliyasanthana Act and Coffee Stealing Prevention Act in Mangalore-Kollegal region and many other Acts which are of no use in the present situation, have been repealed. The government had constituted a one-man commission headed by K R Chamayya, retired law secretary, to make recommendations on the Acts to be repealed.

For studying the regional laws, the government had bifurcated the state into five zones. When reorganization of states was taken up in 1956, Karnataka was divided into five regions — Belgaum area (Bombay-Karnataka region), Coorg area, Gulbarga area (Hyderabad-Karnatak region), Mangalore-Kollegal (Madras region) area and Mysore area (old Mysore region). As Karnataka was not a single entity, each region has its own laws.

Though only 539 Acts were repealed on Wednesday, there are nearly 1,500 regional Acts that are operational still. Belgaum region has 461 of them, Gulbarga 213, Madras 484, Mysore 225 and Coorg 57, which were framed before 1956. The Karnataka Repealing and Amending Act, 2002, empowers the government to do away with or making changes in any of the state acts.


* Belgaum Area Regional Laws – 153

* Coorg District Area Regional Laws – 23

* Gulbarga Area Regional Laws – 96

* Mangalore and Kollegal Area Regional Laws – 175

* Mysore Area Regional Laws – 92


Indian Lunacy Act: “When any relative or friend of a lunatic detained in any asylum under the Act, is desirous that the lunatic shall be temporarily released over to his care and custody, he makes an application to the person in charge of the asylum, who shall make an order for the temporary release of the person for a period not exceeding 60 days.” Most of the provisions in this Act has been incorporated in the Mental Health Act 1987.

Coffee Stealing Prevention Act: “Prevent theft of coffee and to punish the person involved in disposing of stolen coffee in the neighbourhood plantation. Prohibits purchase and exchange with the person who has committed a theft.”

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