Woman lives with 16 kg ovarian cyst for 15 yrs

Bangalore: A 71-year-old woman from Coorg heaved a sigh of relief after doctors surgically removed a benign tumour from her abdomen that weighed about 16 kg.

After spending years wondering why her stomach was uncomfortably bloated, Girijamma was surprised to find that it was actually an ovarian cyst  pressing through her belly.
The cyst started growing 15-years-ago according to doctors, and was unusually large. Kishore C Kumtakar, OBG Consultant who performed the surgery, said, “The tumour had grown over the years and is a very rare case.

It occupied her entire stomach and the size and weight caused her severe abdominal pain and was removed in time.

A biopsy of the cyst confirmed it was benign. After the surgery, Girijamma said that it is much easier to move around. “I did not bother until the pain got unbearable and then decided to see a doctor.

It’s a big relief and now my stomach feels light,” she said.

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– Mid-Day (Bindiya Carmeline)

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