Dowry charge against hubby’s biz partner

Here is a unique dowry harassment case. The complainant woman has spared her in-laws and accused someone who is not family of harassing her.

Kavitha Chengappa has alleged that Divya N, business partner of her husband, K Chengappa, used to come (with her husband) to their house in Mysore and threaten her with dire consequences.
Why me?
An outraged Divya told Bangalore Mirror, “Is being Chengappa’s business partner a crime? Why should I be dragged into the husband-wife fight when I am in no way related to the family?”

Divya, a 39-year-old woman entrepreneur from Coorg, has moved the High Court of Karnataka to get her name removed from the complaint. “As an entrepreneur, I have seen many highs and lows in life,” she said. “But nothing compares to the nightmare I have been going through ever since Kavitha filed the complaint about two months ago.”

Chengappa, a native of Coorg, is a successful businessman. He first met Kavitha, 32, at his shop in Mysore in 2007. As she too hailed from Coorg, they became friends. At that time, Chengappa was separated from his first wife, Jyothi.

Chengappa told Mirror, “We had a registry marriage in Mysore in September 2008. But after the marriage, every day, we had quarrels. She never made me happy.

“This January, Kavitha left for her parental home, and on Jan 20, she registered a dowry harassment case against me under Section 498 A. Most surprisingly, she made my business partner, Divya, a co-accused. It was shocking as Kavitha and Divya have never met.”

Divya said, “Kavitha came to know that I had helped Chengappa get close to his son from previous marriage. She called me and threatened me to keep out of all this. She was perhaps afraid that Chengappa would give away all his property and money to his son. It is out of spite that she has named me a co-accused in the dowry harassment case.

“I would also like to ask the police how they took down such a complaint despite knowing the law. It’s been almost two months since Kavitha filed the complaint, but the cops still haven’t called me for interrogation.”

Divya added, “I work with women organisations and fight against the harassment women face. But I myself have been attacked by another woman.”

Criminal lawyer Shankarappa, who is handling Divya’s case, said, “By no means is my client to be blamed for anything. The case will come up for hearing in the high court soon. I am confident that Divya would come clean.”

(All names, except for the lawyer’s, have been changed to protect identities)


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