‘Allow sand mining for personal use’ – Kodagu Growers Federation

Kodagu Growers Federation have urged the government to allow to undertake sand mining for personal use in the new sand mining policy which will come into force from April 1.
Addressing a press meet, Federation office-bearers Madhu Bopanna and B T Dinesh said “if the sand is given to contractor, then the price of the sand will shoot up in the district. The new sand policy will also give scope for corruption.” “With the new sand mining policy, one can not undertake sand mining from the nearby river for personal use. Farmers and growers will be exploited,” he feared.

“If the sand mining is given on contract, then there are all possibilities of using JCB machines to remove the sand from rivers. With this, the people of the district may not get the required sand. The new sand policy will affect the commonman. Whether the government will be able to check illegal sand mining when iron is being exported illegally from the State,” they asked.

They said “one load of sand was available for Rs 1,500 in the past. However, now it has been increased to Rs 5,500. Owing to the illegal sand mining, the cost of the sand has increased. If the sand is sold at higher price, then we will start an agitation throughout the district,” warned B T Dinesh. Lead Bank has sent a circular to all the banks to implement special package for coffee as it is.

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World Cup – Qatar designs artificial clouds to cool stadiums

An artificial cloud has been designed at Qatar University which could be the solution to the summer heat at the 2022 World Cup.

The cloud, manufactured from light carbon materials and helium gas, can be held in place by solar power and moved by remote control.

Because they will block the sunlight they will be able to have a regulating effect on the temperature.

Since winning the World Cup bid in December, there has been plenty of debate amongst football fans about whether a summer World Cup, where the average temperature in Qatar exceeds 40C, would be fair on players or spectators.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has subsequently stated though that the tournament will not move from its traditional dates in the summer.

Saud Abdul Gani, the head of the department at Qatar University, told the Gulf Times that the project would be taken forward in co-operation with the Qatar Science and Technology Park.

“We are in discussion with the QSTP about the costs and to create an initial model on a trial basis,” Saud said.

The initial model for the cloud could be produced for $500,000 (£309,000), but costs could come down considerably if they were produced on a commercial scale.

-Yahoo! Eurosport

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CM to attend hockey match in S Kodagu

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has agreed to attend the final match of ‘Machchamada Cup’ – the Kodava families’ hockey tournament to be held in Ponnampet of South Kodagu on May 15.

A delegation led by ‘Machchamada Cup’ Hockey Utsav President Kanda Bhimaiah and Working Secretary Dolly Changappa met the CM in his Bangalore residence and extended official invite to the CM to witness the final match.

Chief Minister who was convinced by the delegates and the MLA M P Appachu Ranjan agreed to attend the match. For the first time in the history of the hockey cup, a Chief Minister has agreed to witness the match, informed Utsav organiser M T Kariyappa.

He also said, the CM has shown positive response to the request of the delegation who asked for a financial assistance of Rs 25 lakh.

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Daughter crushed under the wheels of the truck driven by her father

 In a heart-rending incident that occurred at Krishna Colony of Ponnampet in Kodagu district on Thursday March 24 afternoon, a small girl was killed after being crushed under the wheels of a mini truck owned by her father.

Ramakrishna, father of Dhanyashree (4), had come home for lunch. After lunch, he put the mini truck on reverse gear for returning to the town, while talking to his wife. Neither he, nor his wife, had noticed that Dhanyashree was playing behind the truck. The girl lost her life instantly.

Both Ramakrishna and his wife are in deep shock, police sources said. A case was registered by the policemen in this regard.


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MGNREGS: Kodagu gets ` 4.21 crore

The State government has released Rs 4.21 crore under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), though the Kodagu Zilla Panchayat had sought Rs 10 crore from the State government. The Zilla Panchayat is expecting that the State government will release a sum of Rs 5 crore at the earliest.
It is said that if the Zilla Panchayat utilises atleast 60 per cent of the released amount, then the district may get additional Rs 4 crore to 5 crore.

At the same time, the State government has released a sum of Rs 1.20 crore under Suvarna Gramodaya Scheme. The released amount has already been released to the Zilla Panchayat engineering division to utilise for the development of selected roads and drains and other rural development programmes, said sources in Zilla Panchayat.

Under MGNREGS, a sum of Rs 2281.91 lakh was released during 2010-11 in the district. Of which, about 1942.83 lakh was utilised so far (March 17). According to the available data, as many as 1,453 works have been undertaken in Madikeri taluk, 1,067 in Somwarpet taluk and 1,486 in Virajpet taluk. About 4,006 works are under progress in the district. About 2,778 works have been completed in the district. Of which, 859 in Madikeri, 768 in Somwarpet and 1,151 in Virajpet taluk. In 2010-11, under MGNREGS, a work list of Rs 10790.17 lakh was prepared. The government had okayed the labour budget for Rs 53.41 crore. By February end, 1942.83 lakh was utilised. All the implementation officers have been asked to utilise the funds fully, said an officer.

Last year a sum of Rs 12 crore was utilised during the period.


Top chains are urged to ban sandblasted jeans

Asda (NYSE: WMT – news) , Diesel, Matalan and Primark are among a group of companies being criticised for selling jeans made using sandblasting, which can cause illness or even death.

The pressure group, Labour Behind the Label, said these companies continue to use sandblasting to give denim a “worn” look, despite the danger that silica dust from the sand can get into workers’ lungs. British companies including New Look and Marks & Spencer (Dusseldorf: MA6.DU – news) also say they have banned the process. Levi’s and H&M (Stockholm: HMB.ST – news) stopped all use in December

“Dead workers aren’t fashionable,” said Sam Maher, co-author of Labour Behind the Label’s Killer Jeans report, which will be published on Monday.

“The trend for killer jeans must be phased out by companies and rejected by consumers with immediate effect.” It is also calling on retailers and brands to compensate workers who have been made ill by operating sandblasting machines in the past.

Matalan told The Telegraph that it currently uses sandblasting on some denim products. It said safety standards were constantly under review and it would “take action if necessary to protect the welfare of our suppliers’ employees”.

Asda said it was in the process of phasing out sandblasted products. “It’s our intention that there will be none on sale in our stores by the end of this year,” a spokesman said. Diesel said it would stop using sandblasting on its clothing from early next year and Next (Xetra: 779551 – news) said it had stopped all new orders. Both said suppliers were required to meet safety standards. Primark said it had halted sandblasting at more than half of its previous suppliers and expected to be out of 90 per cent by the end of the year.

Primark suggested some rivals had been less than honest in their promises. A spokesman said: “A ban is only meaningful when capable of being enforced and carefully monitored. Too often companies impose bans without any real attempt to implement them properly.”

But a spokesman for international clothing workers’ union ITGLWF said: “In the space of a year workers could contract silicosis. We need to just stop this.”

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 – Telegraph.co.uk

‘No Separate Kodagu State’, Stresses Union Government

The prolonged campaign a section of Kodavas have been steadfastly carrying on since the last some decades, demanding for carving out of a separate Kodagu state suffered a setback, after the union government on Tuesday March 15, dismissed the demand.

“At this juncture, there is no proposal before the central government for setting up of a state reorganization commission. None of the governments have put forward any demand for separate state,” said Gurudas Kamat, minister of state for home, in a statement made in the Lok Sabha. This statement has also come as a dampener to the spirits of a large number of politicians and leaders from Andhra Pradesh, who have been vociferously demanding for carving out of a separate Telangana state.

The minister said that from time to time, the union government had received demands for bifurcating Karnataka to set up separate Kodagu state, carve out Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh, Vidarbha from Maharashtra, and for putting together parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states to give birth to a separate state named Bundel Khand. “These demands have come from individuals and organizations, and not from the state governments,” he clarified. He also mentioned that there have been demands for setting up of Bhojpur state by pooling together certain districts of Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Saurashtra out of Gujarat, Koshalanchal in western Orissa, Gurkhaland  out of West Bengal, Mithilanchal by separating certain regions from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, as well as Poorvanchal, Harit Pradesh, Brij Pradesh and Avadh Pradesh out of Uttar Pradesh.

He said that the government takes into account everything into consideration before deciding upon the need for creating a new state.  He also added that the government will initiate such a step only if a need is felt for the same and only when if there is a consensus for such as step.

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