New train service begins – Kodagu on the map

The Minister of State for Railways KH Muniyappa recently flagged-off the train service between Anandapuram and Talaguppa in Sagar.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that an additional train will be introduced to Talaguppa in three months to help the people of the region to board the Bangalore-bound trains that start from Shimoga in the afternoon and evening.

Muniyappa complimented the Government of Karnataka for co-operating with the Department of Railways in undertaking new projects in the State on cost-sharing basis. The enthusiasm displayed by the Government of Karnataka is a model for other States, he stated.

Muniyappa admitted that a vast railway network was yet to be developed in Karnataka and added that survey works related to 12 new railway projects were underway in the State. Fresh projects will be undertaken in North, South and Central Karnataka. Kodagu district will also be put on the railway map. The Department of Railways has envisaged a plan to provide train service for Kushalnagar.

To know more about Coorg or Kodagu please click here

-Sunday Pioneer

5 Responses

  1. woow..its going to be an awesome train journey…eager to give it a try…

  2. Respected Sir/Maam,
    I don’t think the Plans of Minister Muniyappa will give fruit, because Kodagu or Coorg doesn’t need a Railway line because it doesn’t have any heavy Industry. it needs a well organised road and well built infrastructure…
    thank you,
    Yours Faithfully,
    Prathik Ponnanna Kodava

    • I Agree to this completely what Prathik as mentioned , there is no use of railway lines in the District as there is no heavy Industry nor there is any manufacturing Unit . So, railways wil be no use to the people

  3. I agree with Prathik.. railway will bring more dame to Coorg than benefits.. improving the current roads if more than enough for Coorg atleast for another decade..

  4. This will definitely destroy the future of coorg & its wild life
    So not required

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