Rise and Fall of the Coorg State – New book released

Rise and Fall of Coorg State

“Rise and Fall of the Coorg State”, a book on Kodagu district, attempting to throw light on the circumstances leading to the “unpopular” merger of the erstwhile Coorg State with the then Mysore State, now Karnataka, in 1956, has hit the stands.

The book deals with the “neglect” of Kodagu by the governments since its amalgamation with Mysore State, a press statement from P.T. Bopanna, who has compiled and edited the book, said here on Thursday.

Mr. Bopanna, a Bangalore-based journalist, says that the book tries to find answers to some of the questions such as why key players, including the then Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru, took such a “short-sighted” decision resulting in the snuffing out of the independent existence of the Coorg by merging it with Mysore State.

The book discusses the growing demand for autonomy for Kodagu, previously statehood, and also suggests the political roadmap for the future of the district, Mr. Bopanna said.

Among the contributors are writer C.P. Belliappa, son of C.M. Poonacha, who was the Chief Minister of the erstwhile Coorg State.

Political scientist Sandeep Shastri has written a chapter on the feasibility of seeking statehood for Kodagu.

C.M. Ramachandra, former Chief of Bureau, The Hindu, Bangalore, who was the Coorg Correspondent of the newspaper in the 1950s when the crucial decision was taken to merge Kodagu with Karnataka, has written the foreword for the book.

The book, published by Rolling Stone Publications, Bangalore, is priced at Rs. 100.

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Need to provide protection to minorities stressed

Speakers at a function to mark Human Rights Day, organised by the Codava National Council (CNC) at the Capitol Village near here on Thursday, expressed support to the cause of the CNC which is demanding an autonomous Kodava homeland status to the Kodavas in Kodagu district.

N.U. Nachappa, secretary general of the CNC

M.C. Nambiyar, journalist, who was a guest, said one of the aims of the human rights charter of the United Nations was to protect all kinds of minority people living in the world.

India had the largest diversity of minority population in the world, including the Kodavas, which ought to be given protection by the majority people, Mr. Nambiyar said, according to information reaching here.

The culture and tradition of Kodava people were unique, Mr. Nambiyar said, and added that securing tribal status for Kodavas and also inclusion of Kodava language in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution were not difficult tasks.

He, however, cautioned the Kodavas against alienation of land by them. When Bodoland and Gorkhaland, could exist why not Kodavaland, he said.

Gunasekaran, anthropologist from Kerala, justified the CNC struggle and said Kodavas deserved the autonomous homeland status since they were distinctly different among other communities. Chendrimada G. Muthappa, a senior member of the Kodava community, said all Kodavas should accept the CNC leadership and continue the struggle for the autonomous homeland status.

N.U. Nachappa, secretary general of the CNC, referring to the development with regard to the creation of Telangana, said the CNC would achieve its goal through peaceful struggle.

Organising programmes at the Kodava “ain mane” (ancestral homes) to spread awareness among Kodavas on the CNC struggle had been a big success.

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Kodava land to be focus of seminar

Madikeri: M.D. Nalapat, Cleo Paskal and M.C. Nambiar will deliver lectures at a seminar on December 10 to be held at Capitol Village near here. The seminar to be held on World Human Rights Day is being organised by the Codava National Council (CNC).

Speaking to presspersons here, secretary general of the CNC N.U. Nachappa said the speakers would speak on the CNC movement for an autonomous Kodava land for the Kodavas in Kodagu, extending support to the CNC cause.

Mr. Nalapat is an expert in geo-politics, Mr. Paskal is from the Royal Institute of International Studies, Kochi, and Mr. Nambiar is a journalist, he said.

The CNC will stage a demonstration in front of the UN office in New Delhi on December 18. The CNC will continue with its ‘ain mane’ programmes. One such programme will be held at the Vallanda ain mane at Bollumadu village on December 13 and the next will be on December 21.

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