Cops suspect kin’s role in burglary

District Superintendent of Police Manjunath Annigeri has said that the role of acquaintances cannot be ruled out in Devi Gas proprietor Revathi Kumareshan’s house burglary case. 

Addressing the reporters in his office on Wednesday, he said that the police suspect that someone who knows the family background of Revathi and their financial turn over must have played a role in burglary but yet this has not been confirmed.

“The burglers gained entry into the house from the kitchen door, within 5 minutes after Revathi’s son left the house and the way in which they spoke to Revathi shows that the burglars had sufficient information about her family,” he said and added that further Revathi said that she never had a habit of keeping huge sum of money in the house. Since the burglary happened when the money was at home strengthens the suspicion that some acquaintance of the family has joined hands with the burglars.

However, SP said that since one of Revathi’s relatives is under the suspicion radar, a team of police have left to Bangalore to quiz him.