Traffic Jam in Madikeri!

Traffic Jam is something that the localities here had never heard of in the past! Fewer vehicles, fewer people, no pollution, known faces, no littering, were part of everyday life in the town. Those days are gone! Our children will never know the true value of being associated to this lovely place called Coorg.

Tourism is taking toll now; an expensive one for that matter. Every weekend people from major cities flock the town. Coorg has become a weekend getaway for busy-bees and a holiday destination for others.

Is Coorg ready to cope up with the growing number of tourists as yet? Well, sadly, the answer is NO! Lodgings are running full almost every weekend/Government holidays, fewer available parking spaces are full around every tourist spot, roads are still narrow, vehicles are parked on both the sides of the narrow road causing blockade and adding to woes are pot holes on major roads within the town.

It’s high time for bench-warming officials to transform the congested towns of Coorg into a tourism friendly destination that the tourists can enjoy and the locals can be proud of.

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